Notable Quotables

From some of our members past and present

Pabasso has been really valuable to me. Running any business is challenging and is going to be difficult from time to time. There are always challenges, unforeseen problems and circumstances that can be very stressful to even the most experienced company Directors. Pabasso has given me an excellent forum where I can share my concerns and problems with other business owners, founders and leaders.  The ability to unpack and discuss each other's issues in an informal yet intimate environment with experienced professionals that appreciate the nuances of leading businesses is invaluable. Not only do I get very well thought through suggestions and advice from the group but I also value the friendships that have formed between us over time. Pabasso is a valuable part of my business life and has benefitted me enormously.

CEO, Roadscape Intelligence

If you are running an entrepreneurial business, finding knowledgeable, enthusiastic people internally is not a challenge.  However, finding impartial people with that mindset who can help you solve problems with a different outlook on your business is.  My Pabasso Board and Chair provide an independent atmosphere of trust, support with a pool of experienced and impartial business owners who can make recommendations on common business problems that occur, which I have found invaluable.

CEO, Wealth Management

existence. So where to look for advice? Some time ago, I came across Pabasso, a group of like-minded business leaders sharing problems and finding solutions on both a personal and business front. Having been in the group for some time now here’s what I’ve discovered: A genuine openness from fellow peers.  Information is shared without restriction. Egos are left at the door. People are unassuming. I think this is because they all know how hard it is to maintain their businesses' performance in an ever-increasingly challenging environment. There’s no reinventing the wheel.  Any problems are acknowledged, taken with the seriousness they deserve and listened to with empathy. Most problems have been experienced by someone else in the room and the solutions are readily available once the challenge has been fully explored. It’s all too easy to do nothing or sweep problems under the carpet, but the Pabasso format mandates an action plan by the individual.  I found this very powerful. A 121 with the chair is worth its weight in gold.  Your Chair will share the benefits of his experience offering a direct line to him should you need it.  So a mentor included to boot!

MD, Telecommunications

Pabasso provides an invaluable forum to try out ideas and look for suggestions. It is always surprising how much you can take from participating in other people’s challenges. It has given me a sense that ‘I am not alone’, the challenges I face are common and provides me with a safe space to try ideas out.

MD, Data Transformation Consultancy

Being invited to join a Pabasso peer advisory board has been one of the best investments in time and money I have made. The first meeting was nerve-racking and painful, bearing your business issues/problems to all other 11 members. It quickly became apparent that I was not alone. The round-the-table advice and feedback from my peers was invaluable, which gave me a different perspective and point of view to the problem. I have left every meeting with a solution (or 2) to a problem or another way to look at the problem. There is a feeling of being held accountable to act and provide feedback to the board at the next meeting. On the other side of the table, it is good to share my knowledge in a situation that someone else finds themselves in. Many businesses have or will have similar problems, knowing how others have or would deal with them helps you make a clearer judgment and helps the decision-making process. The board which I sit on is made up of fantastic like-minded individuals all from different industry sectors. I would not hesitate to recommend joining a Pabasso peer advisory board. Invest in yourself and your future. It will be money and time well spent.

MD, Landscaping & Forestry Product Wholesale Supplier

The Pabasso board is one of the highlights of my month. Learning from quality business leaders is both a source of inspiration and challenge. I come away with so many great new ideas to implement. Highly recommend it to any entrepreneur who needs to take their business to the next level.

CEO, Serviced Offices

It's probably a cliche but true to say that it's lonely at the top. However, with the advice and support of my Pabasso Chair and my fellow board members, it doesn't feel quite so lonely anymore.

CEO, Logistics

I am really enjoying the peer advisory board. The peer support element and the one to one sessions have helped me really focus on what is important, gain clarity in thinking and to prioritise my work better. Sharing experiences is a great way to continue learning and developing in your role.

CEO, Mental Health Charity

Pabasso, for me, provides access to many business owners who share my day to day business issues and have also helped in my personal life. Via the chair, we are able to discuss members’ issues and arrive at solutions with action points. Basically, it’s my monthly sanctuary where I can share issues.

CEO, Commercial Interiors

I often talk about the benefits of Pabasso to other leaders. I was a little reticent at first due to time commitments. However, positive relationships and a great team dynamic have evolved within the group that I would never have expected. It can be lonely at the top, and having the support of other like-minded people and sharing and problem-solving in such a safe environment is hugely beneficial. Equally valuable is the 121 support from the Chair, a listening experienced individual there to provide a positive, helpful challenge where necessary is essential, and I only wish I had come across this kind of membership years ago.

CEO, Children's Charity

What's not to like? Pabasso gives access to the collective brains of a dozen other experienced CEOs. Expert Chair Richard Doyle keeps the discussion constructive and solution-focussed, with a good nose for when a seeming distraction is the crux of the matter. A monthly moment that holds yourself and others to account, with bags of laughs, generous sharing, and a learning lunch. Highly recommended

CEO, Community Foundation