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Shared expertise and experience will accelerate your success

Become a part of a dynamic board comprising high-calibre executives, dedicated to collaborative problem-solving, addressing challenges, seizing opportunities, and sharing valuable perspectives to aid each other in making informed decisions. Discover how this can help you grow.

Why Do Business Leaders Join Pabasso?

Because it can be lonely at the top

To get external perspectives

To get new ideas and validate direction

For a confidential sounding board

For monthly mentoring/coaching space

To relieve the pressure

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Solutions to problems, issues, challenges and opportunities
  • Support from an experienced ex CEO Chair/Business Coach
  • A network of up to 12 experienced CEO’s as advisors/confidants. 
  • Time to work on you rather than the business 
  • Better businesses and better lives 

What is the level of commitment?

  • A full morning 1 day per month
  • Up to 2 hours, 1 day per month with your Chair 
  • Monthly membership fees

Why Pabasso?

  • Chaired by CEO's/Business Coaches who have ‘walked a mile in your shoes’
  • We only work with Business Leaders on a journey
  • We only have half-day meetings
  • We only have speakers relevant to the Boards requirements
  • Our board are made up of handpicked CEO’s who will gel as a Board 
  • There is no overt ‘selling’ in our Boards, no competitors, no suppliers and no customers
  • We offer great value as we have no overseas master to satisfy

Is being a member of a Peer Advisory Board an alternative to having a Non-Executive Director?

  • Having a Non-Executive Director is not an alternative to peer advisory board membership
  • Some Peer Advisory Board members also have a Non-Executive Director
  • Some Peer Advisory Board members see Peer Advisory Board membership as an alternative to a Non-Executive Director
  • The two are not mutually exclusive

What is Pabasso Board Etiquette?


  • Must be prepared to listen, contribute and be open minded
  • Must have the time to attend the monthly board meetings and their monthly 121s
  • Must be prepared to treat all discussions in complete confidence and sign a confidentiality agreement
  • Must not criticise or treat their peers unprofessionally
  • No competitors, suppliers or customers.

Support from a network of up to 12 experienced CEO's


Better businesses and better lives


Support from an innovative experienced ex CEO/Business Coach Chair

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